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Walkabout Talk About  
Stick Project 

Coming this New Year '23

The upcoming  "Stick Project" wants to hear your thoughts  and real lived  experiences  in your environment.  When you come upon one of 12  sticks placed at area trailheads, please, take it for a hike!  At the end of your hike, leave it for the next person and then,  if you wish, share an inspiration realized on your journey.


Your "story" (digital submissions only please) can be in the form of a photograph taken on the hike, an artwork or poem inspired by the hike, and/or simply thoughts and comments in response to the hike. These submissions can be emailed to: jchylack@joliechylackstudio.com

Submissions will be added to The Walkabout Talk About Stick Project page at Joliechylackstudio.com.


The goal of the project is to celebrate and generate conversation about realities of our environment in areas where you walk and what we can do next.