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Earth Day Every Day!

Here are some easy ways you can celebrate and protect our Earth.


Remember, being an environmental steward is not an all or nothing pursuit...just pick one and do it with enthusiasm!


Vote with Your Wallet!

Shop sustainably and locally

Get Mathy!  

Calculate your carbon footprint and make adjustments when you can

Get Cooking!

Did you know that 1/3 of America's food ends up in the landfill? Survey your refrigerator every other day and use up or freeze food before it spoils

Veg Out!

To reduce methane emission, water consumption and grazing, associated with animal farming, go vegetarian one or even two days a week

Get Scrappy!

Compost vegetable and fruit scraps to save room in our landfills


Stay Close!

Consider trading a long trip for stay-cation and visit  local destinations to reduce carbon emissions

Turn it Off!

Save energy by shutting off all appliances that aren’t in use

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Get Creative and Upcycle!

Make new things from old, saving space in landfills


Pitch it if You’re Not Sure Whether It's Recyclable! Non-recyclable materials jam recycling machinery

Support and Seek Help!

Local environmental organizations are here for you

Pass It On!

Let others know the eco ideas you have

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