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The mission of this studio is to explore intersections of art and our environment in an effort to create artistic messages that cultivate care for and awareness about this fantastic planet.


Jolie Chylack


Through years as a conservationist and artist I've learned that we live in a magnificent and ever-changing environment. I also know that our planet is governed by many natural cycles that have sometimes been interrupted.

The goal of the this Studio is to explore our world and create art for others by recording observations, discoveries, and inspirations provided in nature.  In doing so we strive toward discovering actionable steps that lead to the restoration of natural cycles. We also aim to sustain those ecosystems that are well-functioning.

The Jolie Chylack Studio offers  artworks for sale,  environmentally-themed exhibit installations, art commissions and environmental education and consulting services. The studio also provides  "Curiosity" art and science classes for kids and Environmental Art classes for adults. These programs are for those who want to journey along with us to  better understand and care for our world.


Please Contact Us if you'd like to visit, want to know more, or wish to collaborate on a project!

Studio Hours

By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 8PM

Please Email

to Request a Time


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