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 In the Studio 

Golden Natives
of Pennsylvania

These pieces are a celebration of native plants (weeds and otherwise) in watercolor on gold panel.  Whether attracting pollinators, holding soil in place, or filtering out groundwater toxins, these indigenous plants are representations of Wharton Esherick's idea that, "Nature is always the BEST artist."

Capturing Art in Nature

One of the first forms of photography, cyanotype printing uses chemical derivatives of iron that when combined with water become sensitive to UV light.  My mother, a textile enthusiast, and I teamed up using the cyanotype process to capture images of wild grasses, ferns, hollies and other natural wonders on fabric. We're now turning them into lasting art pieces in hopes of brightening your day!

The Newfoundland Coast

Natural resources, particularly maritime ecosystems, are an inspiration to me.  Here are some seascapes of the Northern Atlantic done in oil that have helped  me cultivate my own environmental stewardship.