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 New In the Studio 

The "Walkabout 
Talk About Stick Project"

The Walkabout Talk About Stick Project is community engagement forum involving a collection of walking sticks found by the artist in Lenapehoking (Land of the Lenape – of eastern Pennsylvania). Each stick has been illustrated with a painting that tells an environmental story, memory, or message that the artist has learned from hiking the land during her 44 year-long habitation of the area.  


Knowing full well that boundaries in nature are somewhat ambiguous and because nature belongs to its community and its community to it, these sticks not only belong to the land and the artist, but to everyone and everything living in our community. With this in mind, during Earth Month - April, 2023, each stick will be placed for others to use at a local trailhead located near the illustrated story depicted upon the stick. Anyone who encounters a stick is invited to read about its story (accessing it via a website address provided on the stick) and then take their own journey with it. Community members are encouraged to sign the stick and add to the project, if they like, in the following way:


When you come upon one of 12  sticks placed at area trailheads, please:

     1)  take it for a hike!  

     2)  at the end of your hike, sign it and  

         leave it on the trail, wherever you like

         for the next person.

     3) if you wish, share an inspiration realized

          on your journey. Your "story" (digital

          submissions only please) can be in the

          form of:


              - a photograph taken on the hike

              - an artwork, poem, song or dance

                 inspired by the hike

              - or simply thoughts and comments

                 in response to the hike.


These submissions (digital only please)  can be emailed to:  .The submissions will be added to "The Walkabout Talk About Stick Project" Page at .  


Here all may access and engage. 


We've Moved Downstairs 
-to Studio 100!

Early last spring, we realized that in order to best provide art and nature programming to kids, we would need a space on the first floor. A light-filled corner studio became available and it seemed just right. We are gearing up now to welcome

students of all ages for autumn curiosity classes! 

Exhibiting at the
Episcopal Cathedral 
In Harrisburg!

The Riverfront Gallery at  the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Stephen is exhibiting images of oceans, rivers and streams as they explore connections between environment and life. I am showing two of my more recent oil paintings:

"Return to the Sea"  and "Blue Lagoon Silica Springs at Grindavik, Iceland".

Memorial Award at Studio B Gallery
Flora and Fauna


I received the Boyer Memorial Award at the Flora and Fauna show hosted by Studio B Art Gallery in January of 2022. I called the painting "Milkweed - Make a Wish for Monarchs". 


It was such an honor to receive the award not only because of the show's subject but also because of the kind community steward and fellow nature lover Nancy Boyer for whom the award was named.

Thank you Studio B!

Honorable Mention at Schuylkill River Green Ways Show

In late October of 2021 I received an award for my painting of local environmental hero, John Carre and his grandson. I named the painting "Generational Stewardship on the Schuylkill River".  I met John about a year ago as he was cleaning stream side. I was thrilled to learn that he and his wife and their grandchildren have weekly clean-ups to keep this waterway clean. Here are a few paintings that resulted from an eco-stewardship photoshoot we had together. The award meant a lot to me because I love the Schuylkill River we live on and  and organizations like Schuylkill River Greenways  who take care of it!