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Memorial Award at Studio B Gallery
Flora and Fauna


I received the Boyer Memorial Award at the Flora and Fauna show hosted by Studio B Art Gallery in January of 2022. I called the painting "Milkweed - Make a Wish for Monarchs". 


It was such an honor to receive the award not only because of the show's subject but also because of the kind community steward and fellow nature lover Nancy Boyer for whom the award was named.

Thank you Studio B!

Honorable Mention at Schuylkill River Green Ways Show

In late October of 2021 I received an award for my painting of local environmental hero, John Carre and his grandson. I named the painting "Generational Stewardship on the Schuylkill River".  I met John about a year ago as he was cleaning stream side. I was thrilled to learn that he and his wife and their grandchildren have weekly clean-ups to keep this waterway clean. Here are a few paintings that resulted from a eco-stewardship photoshoot we had together. The award meant a lot to me because I love the Schuylkill River we live on and  and organizations like Schuylkill River Greenways  who take care of it!

Maritime Inspired
Environmental Art

The wrack line on any shore is filled with treasures - natural and not-so-natural. Environmentalists spend lots of time scouring this edge to keep unwanted litter from making its way back into the sea. Environmental artists often see what is there that can be incorporated into their artwork. Here are a few pieces I've been working on.

"What the Hex?"

Harrisburg Newspaper Interview

It was thrilling to be with my uncle, Lane Schultz and cousin, Priscilla Schultz as they showcased their barn which now houses  Priscilla's "Hidden Springs  Integrative Health"  wellness life coaching.  My hex sign was commissioned to provide good luck in 2021 as the endeavor moves forward. Follow this link to read more about the project, 

Land of Fire & Ice!

From volcanoes and hot springs to glaciers and snow, Iceland is a  magnificent world unto itself filled with textures and vibrant color. Check back from time to time to see the new sites!