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Did you know that during one feeding session, PA bats can eat up to 1200 insects? As we approach summer, imagine how buggy our world would be without them! Please join Jolie Chylack and Steph Stronstik of PA Bat Rescue for this informative program and even a chance to see a live rescue bat up close! We will learn about how critical bats are in our environment and by the end of the talk everyone will understand the importance of bat conservation and how we can participate in the recovery effort using our own backyards. After examining the features of this incredible nocturnal mammal, we will sit down for a painting-made-easy session with Jolie. All participants will make and take a matted bat watercolor - a great conversation peace to spread all that you've learned about this keystone species!


$35 per person. All supplies for taking home a matted bat watercolor are included. We'll also enjoy complimentary light refreshment and a " toast" to celebrate the recovery of this keystone species (wine for adults and sparkling lemonade for kids).

Bat Conservation Painting Class With PA Bat Rescue: May 15 at 7:00 pm

  • Date: Wednesday, May 15

    Time 7:00  - 9:00 PM

    $35 per person. All supplies for taking home your own ready-to-hang painting of a bat are included.  We'll also enjoy some light refreshment and a complimentary  toast to this conservation of this keystone species (wine for adults and sparkling lemonade for kids)

    Ages: Adults (ages 14 to 400)

    Location: 20 East Bridge Street, Spring City, PA 19475 (right next to theTurkey Hill gas station).

    Participants may park in the lot between the Spring City Mill Studio and the Turkey Hill. Jolie  will meet class participants at the studio 100 front door located directly on Bridge Street at Spring City Mill Studios. 

    What to Bring:   Participants should come ready for adventure and art with clothes that can get "painty".  

    To Register:  Please proceed to checkout to sign up and pay for the class. A week before class, Jolie Chylack Studio will email a "Workshop  Reminder" which will include any additional pertinent information. Please contact Jolie Chylack Studio by email if you have any questions:


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